Private yoga


Simple. yoga offers private yoga classes designed with you in mind. Private yoga is nice way to start if you are new to yoga or a great addition if you want to deepen your practice. In class we focus on alignment based Hatha yoga with sometimes Yin and Restorative elements mixed in. Besides movement, pranayama (rhythmic breathcontrol) and meditation are always part of a class.



Do you want to start  your yoga journey in a relaxed manner, or make sure you have the right amount of support while recovering from an injury. Private yoga classes can help you to build a yoga practice that suits your situation. Or maybe you have difficulty fitting a group lesson into your busy schedule. Or rather you just want to have yoga wherever and whenever it suits you. At your home, or even at work.



Private yoga is perfect for restoring the balance between body and spirit. Making you aware of paterns and habits that cause pain and imbalance in your career, relationships or your health.


Privé Yoga helps you recover from:

• Stress

• Injuries

• Back pain

• Low energy

• Bad posture

• Digestive issues

• Emotional imbalance



Private yoga classes are one on one with the teacher. For groups, please contact us on


Private class 60 minutes €60,-

Private class 90 minutes €90,-


If you have any further questions, please contact us via